The Sanctity of Human Life Network (Sohlnet) was founded at Sacramento, CA in 1993 and was incorporated in l994.  It is a volunteer staffed Christian pro-life educational organization which promotes the sanctity of human life.

 We believe abortion is first a Biblical issue and secondarily, a political issue.  God’s Law is clear.  The taking of an innocent life is murder.  When government declares otherwise as it did in the l973 Roe vs. Wade Decision, it abrogated its God given purpose and will suffer the just judgments of God.   When Christians declare abortion to be solely a political issue and do nothing to end it, they forsake their Christian responsibility to be Salt and Light and they allow injustice to go unchecked.    Christians should not expect politicians to speak up for the little ones if the church, pastors and congregations, are silent.

 As Christians we believe that all human life is made in the Image of God.  We believe that science and our faith teach that human life begins at conception.  The little boy or girl in the womb is not worth less because he or she was not planned, wanted or found to have some type of birth defect.  This life is precious and valuable and should be allowed to share in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness declared by America’s founders and once afforded to all innocent human life in our society.    The same dignity and protections should be granted to the elderly, the infirm and those who are unable to speak for themselves.

We oppose abortion for all reasons except in the almost now non-existent condition when such would be necessary to save the life of the mother.  Children conceived by rape or incest are completely innocent and should not be killed; rather the perpetrator of the rape or incest should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Adoption, not abortion, is the best solution for the babies born to those who because of their circumstances are not ready to be parents.  We coordinate with adoption agencies to facilitate these adoptions.

We do use graphic, but truthful pictures to tell the truth about abortion.  God’s truth, when obeyed as revealed in the Bible, brings freedom and we are to speak the truth in love.  Graphic pictures of the truth of abortion must be shown in the public. It is not merciful to withhold truth because some may be offended. The pictures are censored from almost all media because of bias toward abortion.  Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have spent millions of dollars in slick campaigns to deceive many Americans, especially our youth, to believe that abortion is a fundamental human right and is good for women and our society. They have succeeded in convincing most that “the procedure” (they dislike using the A word) removes “reproductive matter” or “clumps of cells.”  They oppose the use of truthful graphic pictures of aborted babies because this exposes the grizzly and very real results of their “procedures” and adversely impacts their profits.  We use the pictures to tell the truth on the sidewalks of abortion mills, schools and colleges, as well as churches and organizations.  This truth telling saves lives and changes hearts and minds.

Because we are prolife we oppose violence or unlawful acts against abortionists or abortion providers staff.  We do pray for these people that they will repent of their great sin and receive the forgiveness and salvation offered by Jesus Christ.  Across America, many have done just this, including Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

We believe that women who have aborted their children should know that they may receive the forgiveness and healing of Jesus Christ if they repent of their sin.  Christians and Christian churches should endeavor to provide healing and restoration ministries to these women. Men who have participated in abortion decisions may also receive forgiveness and healing.  They too, often need Christian ministry to help them to that place of complete healing.   We endeavor to support and work closely with all ministries that provide these helps.

We believe strongly that young people in America are a God given resource who respond to real moral leadership that seeks to end injustices, like abortion, in our culture.  To that end Sohlnet is the overseeing organization for Teens for Life, a prolife youth organization that trains and equips young people for Christian prolife ministry.  Our teens provide presentations to youth groups regarding the sanctity of human life, sexual purity and chastity.

The current Director of Sohlnet is Bud Reeves a father of five adult children, (two adopted) and grandfather of 14 and counting.  Bud has been married to his wife Martha since l964.  Bud’s background is law enforcement where he spent 30 years in local and federal service before retiring in l993.  In 2002 Bud was awarded a B.S. Degree from Trinity Life Bible College in Ministerial Studies.  Bud is an active member in good standing in a local Christian church.  Bud desires to meet with pastors, youth pastors and others leaders and will make prolife presentations to small or large groups.